Just how special can lighting up a block of wood be?

Well, we think it’s pretty special with our smoked cocktail gift set if we do say so ourselves.

Especially when the whiskey-barrel wood is charred with a hint of fire.

It brings an unmatched elegance to your favorite cocktails - aroma combined with an authentic smokey flavor and the coolest presentation that wows us even today.

But most importantly, the whiskey barrel wood block, which is the source that shifts the flavors and chemistry of your cocktail, is not just from some random tree, your local Home Depot, or some old wood that no one wanted.

No, it comes from a mighty barrel that once held delicious bourbon.

Perfect for that smokey goodness

However, the barrel goes through quite a bit before a piece of it lands in your possession to char. 

It’s life first begins from a noble white oak tree—the best partner one could ever ask for when distilling bourbon.

And once the tree has grown past the young age of fifty years—that’s where the magic begins. 

The white oak wood is dried out through a 24-month process known as seasoning. That’s two whole years of waiting. 

Guess patience really is a virtue.

Because once those two long years are up, exciting construction of a sturdy whiskey barrel is the result.

It then goes through a process where someone lights the inside of the barrel on fire. But it actually has a technical term—charring. 

And not only does the now-scorched wood leave a handsome contrast of black and dark brown, but it also filters out any of that yucky unwanted stuff produced during fermentation (look at us using a fancy word for making alcohol).

Next, there are four main levels of char the barrel can undergo where each one produces a nuanced flavor profile in the bourbon, where it is then aged for four years.

And the next step? It’s our favorite. Because that’s where we step into the spotlight to continue the tree-to-barrel process.

With sustainability in mind, we disassemble and upcycle the whiskey-barrel-soaked bourbon wood into perfect wood blocks.

These beautiful wood blocks, custom designed to fit the glassware, then receive the fifth char in the wood’s lifetime—an act fulfilled by you.

The wood blocks are also perfectly crafted to be set aflame by the mini flamethrower (a culinary torch—but flamethrower just sounds cooler to us).

So, with the 5THCHAR Smoked Cocktail Gift Set, you get everything you need to create smoked cocktails wherever and whenever your heart desires.

And with that, we invite you to be a part of the time-honored tradition of bourbon distilling by charring the whiskey-barrel wood block with the torch.

Ignite the smoke. Trap the smoke. Enjoy the smoke.


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